Medical Visa Service

Citizens of countries that do not participate in the Visa Waiver Program must obtain a B-2 visa prior to entering the U.S. for medical treatment. Issuance of a B-2 visa for medical treatment requires that an applicant meet basic American Travel Visa criteria as well as additional requirements. For a complete explanation of the American Medical Visa process that our Medical Visa Service is designed to help you navigate, see our article, AMERICAN MEDICAL VISA PROCESS, REQUIREMENTS AND SERVICE.

Our Flat Fee Medical Visa Service Packages provide each patient and their accompanying family members with comprehensive assistance in navigating the American Medical Visa process. Patients may choose to limit representation to the American Medical Visa application or may choose to take advantage of the additional support services we are proud to offer.

We are not a travel agency or medical tourism agency. We are not a hospital or doctor’s office. We are an American law firm dedicated to protecting your interests. This means that we advocate solely for our clients. We make sure you obtain medical, travel and other services from reputable hospitals, doctors and medical travel support services at prices that may be significantly less than amounts often paid to medical travel facilitators.

How is our American Medical Visa service different from the service offered by medical travel companies? How do we provide this comprehensive service at low flat rates?

We Fully Understand the American Medical Visa Process

With The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II to guide you, you will not have to worry that you might be denied an American Medical Visa due to an incomplete application or disorganized application that fails to answer the key questions Consular Officers must always ask. Both the patient and accompanying family members and/or domestic servants will be represented by a fully qualified American immigration attorney.

We Establish and Leverage Relationships to Your Advantage

When you entrust The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II to handle your medical travel needs, you gain access to our extensive network of lawyers, medical professionals and medical travel service providers in the U.S. As a law firm rather than an agency, we do not directly make arrangements for medical treatment or travel. Instead, we refer our clients to trusted physicians and medical travel service providers who value our referrals and who know that we are always available to protect our clients. As part of our American medical visa service, we review agreements with American medical service providers to ensure that our clients are treated fairly and not over charged. If we believe that a client has not received the best deal, we may negotiate on your behalf or refer you to another medical service provider.

We Work Only for Our Clients

As a law firm rather than an agency, we cannot and do not accept payment from anyone for referring anyone to them. We never hire outside service providers and then mark up the price for our own profit. Our loyalty is to our clients and no one else. Because we work only for you and leverage both our knowledge of market conditions and our network of medical service providers to obtain the best value for you, our clients may benefit from significant cost savings. Our Flat Fee Medical Visa Service Packages assure that American Medical Visa applicants receive all of the services offered by medical travel agencies at what may be a fraction of the amount charged by these agencies.

We Protect You

Have you heard horror stories about patients traveling to the U.S. or other countries only to find that the doctor they believed would treat them knew nothing of them? Worried that the housing you expected will not be up to par or that the medical concierge service you hired will not perform?  Are you concerned about the possibility of medical malpractice?

The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II protects you every step of the way. Because you have a licensed American lawyer on your side, you will not have to worry about being defrauded while arranging treatment and travel. If the housing or medical concierge services do not meet the standard you expect and deserve, we can intercede on your behalf. Real estate agents and medical concierge services will be quick to respond to your needs knowing that one neglected client could mean the loss of future referrals. In extreme cases of breach of contract, we may file a lawsuit on your behalf in order to secure a refund and/or other damages.

We verify the credentials and continued good standing of each hospital and primary care physician prior to our client making a commitment to treat with them. If you believe that you have been injured due to an act of medical malpractice, we will receive information from you, review it and advise you as to your options.

We Care

Times of sickness are emotionally difficult for every family. The costs of both domestic and international medical treatment can be extremely burdensome to an entire family seeking to obtain the best care for their loved one. Our Mission is to relieve you and your family of the additional stress caused by the uncertainty of navigating the unfamiliar American Medical Visa process. We strive to give you peace of mind, help you avoid unnecessary anxiety and wisely husband your financial resources.

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