Giving Back

I view pro bono as a core responsibility of law practice. I am therefore committed to serving the public good and providing legal services to those who cannot otherwise obtain legal representation. As a law student, teacher and attorney, I have devoted significant amounts of time to providing free language tutoring, legal research, advice and litigation support to those who cannot afford it. I consider pro bono work to be of equal stature to billable matters. I offer the same caliber of service to my pro bono clients as I do to my paying clients.

My Work in 2015

— I provided fifty hours of mandatory pro bono and an additional fifty hours of voluntary pro bono service to Immigration Equality, a New York based LGBTQ rights organization. I drafted detailed country condition reports which document the treatment of LGBTQ group members in Ghana, Lebanon and Tajikistan. These reports are now used by Immigration Equality in support of applications for asylum. I also produced an instructions manual for creating and updating country conditions reports.

My Commitment for 2016

I will provide one-hundred hours of pro bono legal service in 2016. I have now determined to focus my pro bono efforts on helping acutely ill children obtain visas for medical treatment in America.

Pro Bono Service and Opportunities

Individuals should not contact The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II to request pro bono assistance. I accept pro bono cases by attorney and not for profit organization referral only.

Law students in need of pro bono hours and New York bar applicants seeking to fulfill the fifty hour pro bono requirement of Rules of the Court of Appeals (22 NYCRR) § 520.16, Pro Bono Requirement for Bar Admission, may contact me. I will post specific pro bono opportunities here as they become available.