The Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II is an international law firm serving clients around the world. We utilize the most advanced technology in order to provide our clients with the most rapid and efficient service available. These include multiple means of communication that make it easy to contact Ford Banister. We do our best to pass the cost savings inherent in our practice model along to our clients.

The nature of international law practice requires that we be able to swiftly respond to clients with unique needs and in varying time zones.


Prospective Clients may Contact Us via the Contact Form Below and on the Main Page of Our Website

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U.S. No.: 212-574-8107

Note on Telephone Calls: We do our best to return phone calls as quickly as possible. However, the nature of our business makes email our preferred method of communication. Prospective clients please contact us via email or through our website in order to schedule a consultation by phone or Skype.

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