Why I Chose to Become an Immigration Lawyer

“The law is a jealous mistress and requires a long and constant courtship. It is not to be won by trifling favors, but by lavish homage.”
Mr. Justice Joseph Story,
U.S. Supreme Court Justice on August 25, 1829.

The law is indeed a “jealous mistress” that requires a level of dedication and self-sacrifice greater than a mere occupation. Before embarking on my journey into practice as an American immigration lawyer, I consulted law professors and senior practitioners who without exception gave me variations of the same advice.

First, they said I should identify the people who I like to spend time with, who I have things in common with, and serve their needs. I made a list of the types of people I find to be generally interesting: Travelers, students, business people, positive people with dreams that they are striving to accomplish and experiences that they are willing to share.

Second, I was advised to choose an area of law that I felt would leave me happy and fulfilled. I am a civil libertarian, dedicated to upholding and protecting the American constitution. I considered criminal defense and civil rights litigation as a means of checking the power of the government and defending the U.S. Constitution. While I am passionate about these issues and would undoubtedly be motivated, I realized that battling the American government might tend to leave me more frustrated than fulfilled.

Finally, I synthesized the two questions: What area of law will allow me be to be happy and fulfilled while serving the needs of those whose company I prefer and whose outlook I share? An immigration law practice with a focus on affirmative petitions was the obvious choice. Though the government may be fickle or even appear obtuse in its admissions decisions, no one is on the other side fighting back against a visa applicant. Moreover, each client comes to me with a noble goal, whether it be to travel to America for business or tourism, to spend years studying at an American university, to access world class medical care or to deliver a child that will be a U.S. citizen. I am therefore pleased to provide both short term and long term guidance through the often confounding maze of immigration law for each client that seeks my assistance.

The result is that I am an exceptionally happy lawyer. My clients may rest assured that their legal representative wakes up each morning with a great sense of enthusiasm, happy to communicate with them and prepared without reservation to pursue their interests in every matter, large and small. This is because I have chosen to work with people I like to accomplish positive goals and outcomes. Loving my work makes me a better attorney and allows me to provide superior service to my clients. Thank you for letting me serve you.

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