Childbirth Visa Service

Congratulations! You or a loved one will have a child and have chosen to deliver this child in the United States. Mother and child will have the benefit of the most advanced medical care and technology. Your child will be delivered in a hospital that is likely to be much less crowded than those in your home country. After delivery, you and your newborn can relax and be pampered by services that provide premium postpartum care. You and your family can enjoy sightseeing at your leisure either on your own or as part of an organized tour. All of these activities are perfectly legal and permissible under U.S. law and can be safely arranged as part of our American Childbirth Visa Service.

In our blog post American Childbirth Visa Policy, Process and Requirements, we explained the current state of American law in respect to the ability of foreign mothers to give birth in the U.S. and discussed the policy debate surrounding birthright citizenship. In sum, the right to U.S. citizenship for children born in the U.S. in spite of the nationality or immigration status of their parents is well established and unlikely to change. Thousands of women from around the world deliver their babies in the U.S. each year without running afoul of U.S. immigration or other laws. Unfortunately, problems have arisen in the past few years that have caused great anxiety for expectant mothers and their families. These problems are truly tragic because they are so completely and easily avoidable. Our American Childbirth Visa Service is designed to protect you from falling victim to any of the pitfalls that may surround your travel to the U.S., delivery of your child and registration of your baby as a U.S. citizen.

The following factual scenarios have actually occurred, with some variation, in some cases on many occasions. Our American Childbirth Visa Service will help you avoid any of these all too common tragic scenarios.

Tragic Scenario One: Refusal of Entry at a U.S. Airport or Border Crossing

Our expectant mother, who we will call Emmy, travels to the U.S. on an international flight from Shanghai. Upon arrival at Kennedy International Airport in New York, a Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) officer questions Emmy about her purpose in the visiting the U.S. The visa agency Emmy used in China told her that only very rich people could get a visa to deliver a child in the U.S. and advised her to lie to the Consular Officer. Emmy repeats her story to the CBP officer. She is just there for shopping. Emmy is directed to a secondary inspection area where her bags are searched and a printed reservation for a “maternity hotel with a receipt for prepayment of child delivery are discovered. Emmy is given a choice: Enter the U.S. and be subject to deportation and more serious immigration consequences or withdraw her application for admission. Emmy chooses to withdraw her application. Her American Travel Visa is cancelled and she takes the next flight back to China. She delivers her child in Shanghai three months later. When Emmy applies for a new U.S. visa three years later so that she can take a job offer in San Francisco, she is informed that she has a lifetime ban on travel to the U.S. due to misrepresentations on her previous American Travel Visa application.

Tragic Scenario Two: Revocation of Visas after Child Delivery

Emmy and her husband Jim travel to the U.S. from Chengdu, China to give birth to their second child. They successfully pass through customs at Los Angeles International Airport (“LAX”). Two months after entering the U.S., Emmy delivers a healthy baby boy. Emmy and Jim stay for two additional months to observe the Chinese tradition of maternal confinement, enjoy shopping and sightseeing and buy an apartment in Santa Monica, California that they plan to live in when the immigrate to America in a few years. The cost of the home is $1 Million USD. Jim and Emmy register their child’s birth and obtain a Social Security card and U.S. passport before returning to China. The next year, Jim and Emmy apply for an EB-5 investor visa. After submission of their application, their American immigration attorney informs them that the U.S. government has denied their applications. The American system is well synchronized so that when they registered their child’s birth in California, immigration authorities reviewed their American Travel Visa applications and found that neither Jim or Emmy mentioned giving birth as a purpose of their travel. They are subject to a lifetime ban on travel due to the apparent misrepresentation. Disappointed, they sell their home in Santa Monica at a $100,000 loss.

Tragic Scenario Three: Cheated by an Unscrupulous Agency

Our expectant mother Natasha and her husband Boris fly from St. Petersburg, Russia to Miami, Florida. The couple properly obtained American Childbirth Visas at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. They were honest with the officer about the purpose of their travel and submitted evidence of their ability to pay and intention to return to Russia. Natasha and Boris arranged lodging, care and even the hospital delivery through an agency which advertised that all housing was private and that cooks were registered nutritionists. Upon arrival, the couple are taken to a house which looks nothing like the spectacular homes featured on the agency’s website. They are then informed by smiling staff that they must share the lodging with another expectant couple from Nigeria. Natasha and Boris’ complaints are met with smiles but no solutions. Two months later, Natasha gives birth to a lovely baby girl.

A week after delivery, there is a knock at the door. Local, state and federal police, tax and immigration investigators have been tipped off by complaining neighbors that the home is operating as a maternity hotel. Maternity hotels are not allowed in this area of the city. The agency is not registered in Florida. No taxes have been paid. The agency operators have even used their customer’s identification documents to obtain government support that is reserved for the poor and, although the agency charged $12,000 for the delivery, the agency actually received a reduced rate at the hospital as they claimed Natasha was indigent, unable to even afford milk for her baby. The U.S. federal government and the state of Florida rather than the agency has provided most of Natasha’s care and support. Members of the agency staff, actually family members of the agency operators, none of whom is actually a registered dietitian, are arrested for having defrauded the government and tax evasion. Boris and Natasha are questioned but not arrested as it is apparent that they are innocent victims of the agency’s scam. Three days later they return to Russia. They are never able to obtain a refund of the money they paid the agency for services that were either not provided or for which they were overcharged.

Tragic Scenario Four: Detained and Subject to Prosecution

Our expectant mother Emmy and her husband Jim, both successful doctors and well educated, travel from their home city of Lagos, Nigeria to Miami, Florida where they are surprised to share a home with with a Russian couple, Boris and Natasha. The two couples are unfortunate victims of the same scam. When local, state and federal police, tax and immigration authorities come to call, Emmy and Jim are questioned by officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). Under questioning, Emmy reveals that she followed the advice of the agency and told the consular officer in Lagos that she was traveling to the U.S. in order to attend a medical conference and go to Disney World. Emmy has not yet delivered her child but is placed under arrest along with Jim for immigration fraud. ICE confiscates Jim and Emmy’s passports. They are forbidden to leave the U.S. and kept under house arrest at an apartment near a hospital and the local ICE office. The couple retain a criminal defense attorney who is able to negotiate a dismissal of charges against them in exchange for their testimony against the agency operators. Emmy and Jim testify against the agency operators in federal court, then return to Nigeria with their newborn baby, an American citizen, but are barred from ever reentering the U.S. Upon return, they discover that the agency is operated in their country by an organized crime family, leaving them in fear for their family’s safety.

Our American Childbirth Visa Service

The tragic scenarios described above are based on actual events that have befallen unsuspecting mothers and couples whose only wish is to ensure a bright future for their child. Our American Childbirth Visa Service is designed to protect you, your family and your finances. We are not a travel agency. We are not affiliated with any travel agency, hospital or maternity services provider. We never purchase services on your behalf and mark up the costs to make a profit. We are a full service American immigration law office that is dedicated to representing you and only you.

So what exactly is included in our Flat Fee American Childbirth Visa Service and how does it benefit you?

Secure an Honest Visa

We fully explain each part of American Childbirth Visa Policy, Process and Requirements to each of our clients and accompanying family members. An American Childbirth Visa requires more extensive documentation and perhaps greater proof of non-immigrant intent than a typical American Travel Visa. The requirements and process are very similar to that of an American Medical Visa for which we also provide service. Our American Childbirth Visa Service allows you to proceed with confidence knowing that you will receive The Honest Visa. Our professional legal help guarantees your peace of mind.

We Establish and Leverage Relationships to Your Advantage

When you entrust The Immigration Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II to handle your childbirth related travel needs, you gain access to an extensive network of lawyers, medical professionals and medical travel service providers in the U.S. As a law firm rather than an agency, we do not directly make arrangements for childbirth travel or medical care. Instead, we refer our clients to trusted physicians and medical travel service providers who value our referrals and who know that we are always available to protect our clients. As part of our American medical visa service, we review agreements with American medical and childbirth service providers to ensure that our clients are treated fairly and not over charged. If we believe that a client has not received the best deal, we may negotiate on your behalf or refer you to another service provider.

We Work Only for Our Clients

As a law firm rather than an agency, we cannot and do not accept payment from anyone for referring anyone to them. We never hire outside service providers and then mark up the price for our own profit. Our loyalty is to our clients and no one else. Because we work only for you and leverage both our knowledge of market conditions and our network of travel, medical and childbirth service providers to obtain the best value for you, our clients may benefit from significant cost savings. Our Flat Fee Childbirth Visa Service Packages assure that American Childbirth Visa applicants receive all of the services offered by medical travel agencies at what may be a fraction of the amount charged by these agencies.

We Protect You

Afraid of falling prey to cheaters and scam artists as described in the tragic scenarios above? Worried that the housing you expected will not be up to par or that the concierge service you hired will not perform?  Are you concerned about the possibility of medical malpractice?

The American Childbirth Visa Service provided by the Immigration Law Office of L. Ford Banister, II protects you every step of the way. Because you have a licensed American lawyer on your side, you will not have to worry about being defrauded while arranging care and delivery. If the housing or  concierge services do not meet the standard you expect and deserve, we can intercede on your behalf. Real estate agents and concierge services will be quick to respond to your needs knowing that one neglected client could mean the loss of future referrals. In extreme cases of breach of contract, we may file a lawsuit on your behalf in order to secure a refund and/or other damages.

As part of our American Childbirth Visa Service, we verify the credentials, continued good standing of each medical, childbirth and concierge service prior to our client making a commitment to treat with or receive services from them. If you believe that you have been injured due to an act of medical malpractice, we will receive information from you, review it and advise you as to your options.

We Care

The delivery of a new baby should be a time of great joy for a family. The costs of an international delivery and postpartum care are high but you have chosen to make the investment for your child’s future. Our Mission is to relieve you and your family of the additional stress caused by the uncertainty of navigating the unfamiliar American Childbirth Visa process. We strive to give you peace of mind, help you avoid unnecessary anxiety and wisely husband your financial resources.

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